Virtual Reality Training which can be referred to as immersive multimedia or a computer generated simulation. This uses real world or imagined worlds and provides the user with a fully immersed environment, you look in every direction and create an artificial sensory experience which lets the user interact in that world. . This technology has been pushing the door of business for many years, one of the main reasons its not been taken seriously is cost and availability of the equipment, years gone by its also been somewhat cumbersome kit to use. However, developments in the last few years have seen the cost reduce dramatically and the software has become extremely sophisticated. So, what are the possibilities for business? We can now see potentials in many markets and many industries. The possibilities of VR in education are endless and bring many advantages to pupils of all ages, training in many applications is an obvious fit, experiencing a highly risk based exercise without any risk can only be a good thing.  Safety training often occurs on the job, despite the hard work of the trainer it sometimes just isn’t enough. With VR training  it can be on the job and you can present a life threatening situation, without the obvious consequences. Visiting new worlds and scenarios, literally from your office or chair, wouldn’t that be something. Once again only limited by your imagination.


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Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the imagination. - Frank Biocca
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