Overlay your view with digital information like a 3D model that is hovering in front of you.

Application examples:

  • Safety: Use additional information shown for example to visitors on site or in production, to show them hidden hazards.
  • Service and Maintenance: Get additional information about the machine or device you are servicing or repairing.
  • Design: Viewing and working on 3D models of the product or machine you are designing while it is hovering in the room in front of you.
  • Marketing: Give your customer the opportunity for different views of a 3D product model.
  • Education: 3D models picked up from a marker, like a picture in a school book to show a model of a cell, plant or an animal through an app on a normal mobile phone.
  • Galleries & Museums: Virtual 3D models and other information given during the walk around to enhance the experience.

The opportunities of use are only limited by your requirements.

Examples of what you can do:

  • Turn the model and walk around it.
  • Make it follow you while you are going somewhere else or fix it in the room.
  • Zoom into it to have a closer look, disassemble and assemble it.
  • View different layers (e.g. bones, organs, blood vessels of a body).
  • Make changes to the 3D model.


Product Information

We are making a bet that Immersive, virtual and augmented reality will be a part of peoples daily life, - Marc Zuckerberg
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