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We cannot solve our PROBLEMS with the SAME THINKING we used when we CREATED them - Albert Einstein

WHAT WE OFFER – To challenge that SAME THINKING!

Varied technologies, multiple platforms, endless possibilities to explore


Individual immersive training

Using Virtual Reality to enhance individual training within a fully immersed training without risk.

Applications e.g.:

  • individual driver training, blue light training
  • training for health workers for a deeper appreciation of their patient’ s condition
  • behavioural experiences in difficult situations
  • and many other tailored trainings


Technology: 220° Simulators, Virtual Reality Glasses, 360° Video

Technology We Use

Replication of Workplace

Experience hazardous situations in your work environment
– without risk.


  • railway track training
  • mining
  • working with hazardous substances
  • and many other environments, programmed  to your specific requirements


Technology: Cave System

Technology We Use

Virtual Walk around

If individual or in a group, you can experience 360° environments as if you were there. For an enhanced experience, e.g. for:

  • virtual school trips (guided tours)
  • safety walk around
  • pre-built walk around BIM (Building Information Modelling)
  • sight seeing
  • and many further possibilities



Technology: Virtual Reality Glasses, 360° Video

Technology We Use

Group Training and Briefings

Working with your team in a more participative approach with an interactive tool

  • plan sharing
  • contingency planning
  • problem solving groups
  • process planning
  • etc.


This tool enables your team to share  ideas and experiences in a more virtual way and helps individual team members to get deeper involved.

Technology: Multitouch Table, Cave System

Technology We Use
With a hologrphic lens it produces truly spectacular images

Enhanced Visual Information

Picking up information form markers in catalogues, books, business cards or signs in shops and museums etc. and provide the viewer with additional information. The applications are wide ranging:

  • Safety: Additional safety instructions for operators when walking through production, warehouse or on site.
  • Design: Viewing and working on 3D models hovering in the room
  • Marketing: Different product views for customers.
  • Education: 3D models picked up from pictures in the school book.
  • Galleries & Museums: Virtual 3D models and other information during the walk around.


This can be done by adding information on safety glasses or mobile devices.

Technology: Augmented Reality, Smart Glasses

Technology We Use


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